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Group Members

Principal Investigator

Dr. William Tarpeh is an assistant professor of chemical engineering at Stanford University.  The Tarpeh Lab develops and evaluates novel approaches to resource recovery from “waste” waters at several synergistic scales: molecular mechanisms of chemical transport and transformation; novel unit processes that increase resource efficiency; and systems-level assessments that identify optimization opportunities. Will completed his B.S. in chemical engineering at Stanford and his M.S. and Ph.D. in environmental engineering at UC Berkeley, supported by an NSF Graduate Research Fellowship, Ford Foundation Predoctoral Fellowship, and a UC Berkeley Chancellor's Fellowship. He conducted postdoctoral training at University of Michigan in environmental engineering. Will is a member of the Bouchet Honor Society, NBCBLK's "28 Under 28" African-American Innovators, and Forbes' "30 Under 30" 2019 Science List. Tarpeh's CV is available here: tarpehcv_June2020_external.pdf


Postdoctoral Fellows


Hang (Lucas) Dong

Dr. Hang (Lucas) Dong is a postdoctoral fellow born and raised in China. He holds a PhD from Lehigh University. His research focuses on combination of electrochemistry and ion exchange for selective water treatment and nutrient recovery. Outside the lab, he enjoys reading, pencil sketching, playing basketball, running, and snowboarding.








Xi Chen

Xi was born in Shenyang, China, and started as a postdoctoral researcher in Tarpeh’s lab in Sep. 2020. Currently he is working on developing advanced ion-exchange membranes for lithium recovery. He received his B. S. in Environmental Science from Nankai University in China, and holds a Master’s degree in Environmental Engineering from University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign. His doctoral studies at Columbia University focus on developing advanced membrane technologies for sustainable generation of energy and water. Besides science, Xi is also an independent scholar in Chinese philosophy and history, and enjoys watching films







PhD Students

Anita Shao

Anita is a PhD student in Environmental Engineering. She was born and raised in Tianjin, China. Before coming to Stanford, She earned her B.S. in Civil & Environmental Engineering from University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign. Her research focuses on electrochemical sulfur recovery from anaerobic effluents to facilitate fertilizer production. Outside of the lab, she enjoys exploring the Bay Area with her dog, a Shiba Inu named Muffin.



Matthew Liu

Matthew is a chemical engineering PhD student  in the Tarpeh lab. He was born and raised in the Chicagoland area before moving  to California for his undergrad in chemical engineering at UC Berkeley. Matthew is currently investigating electrochemical methods to recover nitrogen products from wastewater. In his free time, Matthew is an aspiring powerlifter. 




Brandon Clark

Brandon is a chemical engineering PhD student in the Tarpeh lab. His hometown is Attleboro, MA. He has bachelor’s degrees in chemical engineering and electrical engineering from Worcester Polytechnic Institute. In the Tarpeh lab, he is working on fine tuning the synthesis parameters of nitrogen-selective hydrogels for membraneless electrochemical nitrogen recovery from water. He also is working on evaluating electrochemical means of regenerating used ion exchange resins. Outside of the lab, he enjoys playing basketball, surfing and snowboarding, whitewater kayaking, playing the drums, and videogame development.



Anna Kogler

Anna is a PhD student in Environmental Engineering. She was born in Graz, Austria and raised in Houston, Texas and Saudi Arabia. She holds a B.S. in Chemical Engineering from Washington University in St. Louis. She is interested in recovery of nitrogen from wastewater and bridging the gap between lab-scale research and adoption of technologies. Outside of the lab, Anna enjoys swimming, hiking, biking, and camping, as well as exploring local restaurants and cooking.






Lorelay Mendoza

Lorelay Mendoza is a PhD student in Environmental Engineering. She was born and raised in San Diego, CA, where she earned her B.S. in Environmental Engineering at San Diego State University before coming to Stanford. She is interested in resource recovery from waste, environmental justice, and the fate of contaminants in electrochemical treatment systems and the environment. In her free time, Lorelay enjoys surfing, reading, sewing, and rock climbing.



Jinyu Guo

Jinyu is a PhD student in Chemical Engineering. Her hometown is Luoyang, China. Before entering Stanford, she did her undergrad in chemical engineering at Tianjin University. She is interested in investigating molecular mechanisms in electrochemical stripping and developing efficient novel processes. Outside of the lab, she enjoys poems, movies, hiking and swimming.



Valerie Niemann

Val is a PhD student in Chemical Engineering in the Tarpeh lab and Jaramillo lab. She was born outside Philly and moved to the city for her undergrad at Drexel University, where she received her B.S. in Chemical Engineering with a minor in Physics. She is interested in the electrochemical reduction of gaseous reactive nitrogen into inert and/or value-added products. In her free time, she enjoys running, reading, and speaking in foreign languages.




Master Students

Ziyan Wu

Ziyan is a master student in Environmental Engineering Program. She was born in Zhangzhou, China. Before coming to Stanford, she spent three years in Northern Arizona University for her bachelor’s degree. She used to work in the field of hydrological modelling and big data analysis. Currently, her research is focusing on N/P absorption using biochar and decentralization of urban wastewater treatment plants. Besides academic life, Ziyan enjoys reading, hiking, visiting museums, and travelling.




Undergraduate Students

Sydney Johnson

Sydney Johnson is an undergraduate student studying chemical engineering. She is currently working on isolating sulfuric acid in the electrochemical cell and life cycle analysis  of sulfuric acid production. In addition, outside of lab, Sydney enjoys traveling, skiing, running, reading, and visiting museums. 





Naomi Ray

Naomi is an undergraduate student interested in chemical and environmental engineering at Stanford. She was born and raised in Atlanta, Georgia. She is a VPUE summer student researcher. Outside of the lab, Naomi enjoys playing tennis, softball, and reading. 




William Chow

William is an undergraduate student in chemistry at Stanford. He is currently working on recovering nitrogen from wastewater. Will loves to play piano, try new foods, sing, and play basketball.







Yichong Wang

Yichong is a chemical engineering undergraduate from Tsinghua University, China. He was born and raised in Dalian, China before went to Beijing for college. He is an undergraduate research assistant in UGVR program and currently working on electrochemical treatment of Chlorine in industrial brine. Outside the lab, he enjoys playing tennis, painting and exploring local restaurants.





Anna Nayoung Park

Anna Nayoung Park is an undergraduate student in biomechanical engineering and political science. She was born and raised in Los Angeles, California. Outside of the lab, she enjoys hiking, rock climbing, paddle boarding, and snowboarding.








Lab Administrator

Thao Nhin

Room: Shriram Center Room 091

Phone: 650-498-1648



Valmik Lakhlani

Valmik holds a master degree from Stanford in 2019. He was born in Mumbai, India and has been brought up in Dubai, U.A.E. During his time in our lab, Valmik worked on the reactor design and fabrication of electrochemical reactors and investigated the LCA of different electrochemical systems










Dr. Linchao Mu was our very first postdoctoral fellow born and raised in China. He holds a PhD from University of Chinese Academy of Sciences. His research focused on: (1) water and salt splitting to generate chemicals by photoelectrocatalytic methods; (2) mechanism of membrane fouling study by synchrotron radiation lightsource in SLAC national accelerator laboratory; (3) advanced sensor design for neuron activity detection in brain